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Smartgen High/Low temperature Genset Busbar Parallel (with Mains) Controller Generator Control Module HGM8156

Smartgen High/Low temperature Genset Busbar Parallel (with Mains) Controller Generator Control Module HGM8156

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Working PowerRange : DC(8-35)V
Overall Dimension : 242*186*53
Installation Dimension : 214*160
Working Temperature : (-40~+70)℃
weight : 0.85kg

HGM8156 Genset Busbar Parallel (with Mains) Controller is especially designed for extremely high/low temperature environment (-40~+70)°C. It applies self-luminous Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) and electronic components with extreme high/low temperature resistance, therefore it can work reliably under extreme temperature conditions. After careful consideration for the electromagnetic compatibility on different occasions in designing process, it provides strong guarantee for it to work under complex electromagnetic interference environment. It is plug-in wiring terminal structure, which is convenient for product maintenance and upgrade. Chinese, English, and other various languages can be displayed on controller. 

HGM8156 Genset Busbar Parallel (with Mains) Controller suits the manual/auto parallel system of multiple gensets with single or multi-channel mains, realizing auto start/stop parallel operation of multiple gensets. Graphic display is applied. Operation is simple, and working is reliable. There are also multiple options that can be selected of parallel running mode with mains, for example: constant active power and reactive power/power factor mode of genset output; mains peak clipping mode; constant power mode outputted to mains; load taking mode; incessant recovering to mains supply function. It employs 32-bit micro-processor technology, realizing functions of precise measuring for most parameters, set value adjustment, timing and fixed value adjustment etc. Most parameters can be regulated from front panel, and all parameters can be adjusted via USB on PC. And parameters can also be regulated and monitored via RS485 or Ethernet on PC. It can be used widely in various genset automatic parallel systems. 

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