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Smartgen HGM7220N AMF Auto Start Diesel Generator Controller Panel GPS SMS Remote Cloud Monitor Module Power Generator Control Unit

Smartgen HGM7220N AMF Auto Start Diesel Generator Controller Panel GPS SMS Remote Cloud Monitor Module Power Generator Control Unit

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HGM7220N/HGM7220S series genset controller is used for single unit automation control, which can realize functions of single unit self-start, AMF, synchronization changeover, and cloud monitoring. It integrates digitalization, intelligence, with network technology. It applies LCD graph display, optional language interface (Chinese, English and etc.) with reliable and simple operating features.
HGM7220N/HGM7220S series genset controller adopts 32-bit micro-processor technology, making it possible to precisely measure most parameters, fixed value adjustment, time setting and limit value adjusting etc. Almost parameters can be configured from front panel of controller, and all parameters can be adjusted through PC software via USB/RS485 port and monitored through PC software via RS485. It can be widely used in all types of genset control automation system with compact structure, simple connections and high reliability.
HGM7220N/HGM7220S series genset controller has network communication module putted inside, so that the genset can be connected with Internet. After the controller logins the cloud servicer, genset data information (including GPS positioning, altitude etc.) shall be uploaded to the corresponding cloud servicer at real time, so that users can monitor and check genset running status and event logs by terminal device such as mobile APP (IOS or Android system), PC etc. and at the same time controller parameters can be configured on cloud servicer. Network communication module has SMS message function.

HGM7220N: AMF+GPS+SMS+cloud monitoring

HGM7220N: has mains & generator power monitoring function, which is used for mains/generating automatic changeover control. It is applicable for single unit automation system consisting of one mains circuit and one generating circuit. Mains disable can be performed by
parameter setting and at this time it is used for single unit automation and genset self-start and self-stop can be controlled by remote start signal.

HGM7220S :AMF+GPS+SMS+synchronization changeover+cloud monitoring
HGM7220S: adds mains synchronization changeover function on the basis of HGM7220N.

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