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Smartgen HGM410N Diesel Generator ATS Controller LCD Display Genset Control Panel

Smartgen HGM410N Diesel Generator ATS Controller LCD Display Genset Control Panel

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Product Introduction

HGM400N series genset controller integrates digitization, intelligentization and network technology together, and is used for single unit automation and monitoring control system, to achieve automatic start/stop, data measurement, alarm protection etc. functions. It fits with LCD display, optional language interface (Chinese, English, Spanish, Turkish, Russian and French). It is reliable and easy to operate.

HGM400N series genset controller adopts micro-processor technology, realizing precise parameter measuring, fixed value adjustment, time setting and set value adjusting etc. All parameters can be configured from front panel, or they can be modified and monitored through USB interface by using PC. It can be widely used in all types of automatic genset control system with compact structure, simple wirings and high reliability.

HGM400N series controller has two types:
HGM410N: used for automation of single unit, which controls generator to start/stop by remote start signal.

HGM420N: based on HGM410N, AMF (Auto Mains Failure) and Mains/Gens automatic transfer control functions are added, which is especially suitable for single unit automation system composed by one mains and one genset.

Performance and Characteristics

 132x64 LCD with backlight, selectable language interface (Chinese, English, Spanish, Turkish, Russian and French), push-button operation;
 Improved LCD wear-resistance and scratch resistance due to hard screen acrylic;
 Silicon panel and pushbuttons for better operation in high/low temperature environment;
 Suitable for 3-phase 4-wire, 3-phase 3-wire, single phase 2-wire, and 2-phase 3-wire systems with voltage 120/240V and frequency 50/60Hz;
 Collects and shows 3-phase voltage, 3-phase current, power parameter and frequency of generator or mains.
 For Mains, controller has over voltage, under voltage and loss of phase detection functions; Forgenerator, controller has over voltage, under voltage, over frequency, under frequency, over current and over power detection functions;
 Control and protection function: automatic start/stop of the genset, ATS (Auto Transfer Switch) control and perfect fault indication and protection function;
 ETS (Energize To Stop), idle control, pre-heat control, speed raise control and speed drop control functions, and all output ports are relay outputs;  Parameter setting function: allows users to modify and set the parameters and meanwhile will be stored in internal FLASH and won't be lost even in case of power outage; all controller parameters can be adjusted on front panel of the controller or via USB interface on PC.  Multiplex input port 3 and 4 can be used in various occasions: input 3 can be used as auxiliary input port or fuel level sensor, while input 4 can be used as auxiliary input port or configurable sensor.
 Multiple temperature, oil pressure, and fuel level sensors can be used directly, and parameters can be users-defined.
 One configurable sensor: can be set to temperature sensor, oil pressure sensor or fuel level sensor, which enables the detection of double temperatures, double oil-pressures and double fuel levels.  Multiple crank disconnect conditions (magnetic pickup, oil pressure, generator) are optional;
 Emergency start function;
 Fly teeth auto-recognition function;
 Wide power supply range: DC(8~35)V, which suitable for different starter battery voltage environments.  All parameters apply digital adjustment, instead of conventional analog modulation with normal
potentiometer, improving the wholesome reliability and stability;
 Maintenance function: types can be set to date or running time. Actions (warning, alarm shutdown) can also be set when maintenance time is out;
 Event log function (max. 99 pieces of records), real-time clock, and schedule to start/stop generator function (start once monthly/weekly/daily on/off load can be set).
 IP55 waterproofness with rubber-ring gasket between enclosure and screen;  Metal fixing clips are used to fix the controller;  Modular design, self-extinguished ABS plastic enclosure, pluggable connection terminals and embedded installation way; compact structure with easy mounting.
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