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S6700H Diesel Generator Speed Governor Engine Speed Control Unit

S6700H Diesel Generator Speed Governor Engine Speed Control Unit

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Speed control Unit S6700H is an All-Electronic Device Designed to control engine speed with fast and precise response to transient load changes. Based on a closed loop control. The basic characteristics of this unit is to reach rated speed and power as well as reducing smoke exhaust through adjustment of firing fuel and speed-rate. The S6700E speed controller provides a series of protection once the power supply is reversely connected. Transient over voltage or actuator fault happens, or Speed input breaks.

· Power reverse connection protection

· Actuator default protection

· Speed signal Lose protection

· Over-speed & External high Level input Alam



Ambient operating temperature range

- 40 ~ 85 °C

Relative humidity


Input Power



Actuator current range


Speed sensor signal



Speed fine adjustment range

± 100% r / min

Frequency fluctuation

± 0.25%

Steady speed droop

0~3% (variable)

Temperature drift

± 1% (maximum)

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