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Original LXC706 Completely Replace DSE702 DSE3110 Diesel Generator Auto Start Control

Original LXC706 Completely Replace DSE702 DSE3110 Diesel Generator Auto Start Control

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Main features: 

1 With the core of microprocessor, the screen is LED icon display, touch the buttom to operate;

2.Power supply range (8-35)VDC,adapt to 12V or 24V satarting battery environment;

3.With power, speed, temperature/pressure, liquid level sensor input ports for digital display of electrcity;

4.Able to detect and display the data of  generator voltage(V), frequency(Hz), engine temperature( ºC), oil pressure(kpa), speed(rmp), total running time(H), battery voltage(V),fuel level(%);

5.Parameters setting: power voltage, battery voltage, speed, temperature, pressure and liquid sensor;

6.Achieve the flowing alarm or warning: low oil pressure, high water/cylinder temperature, over speed, low speed, emergency stop, fail to start, fail to stop, high/low power voltage, high/low frequency, high/low battery voltage, low fuel level;

7.With ETS and idle control function;

8. 3 kinds of operation: manual, automatic, stop;

9.Set the controller as generator controller(not chose the power voltage input )by the software, adapt to control the water pump, etc;

10.Red light-emitting diode(LED) on the panel to display operation and alarm status;

11.A variety of temperature, pressure, oil level sensor can be used directly and also can self-define parameters;

12.Temperature sensor , oil pressure sensor and and temperature alarm, pressure alarm respectively in parallel to provide the datas as well as incres the level of protection;

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