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Mebay Synchronising AMF Load Sharing Generator Controller Control Module DC102D

Mebay Synchronising AMF Load Sharing Generator Controller Control Module DC102D

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mebay controller DC102D the genset parallel controller utilizing the GOV (Engine Speed Governor) and AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) control function, the controller is able to synchronize and share load automatically. It can control manual/auto parallel system generators with similar or different capacity. Additionally,It is suitable for independent constant power output and multiple generators in parallel. It allows automatic start/stop, parallel running, data measurement, alarm protection as well as remote control, remote measurement and remote communication function.

Main Features
--Dual core 32bit high performance single chip microcomputer. --4.3inch TFT colorful big screen
--Customer logo can be displayed on starting page -- Indicator and number display through UI surface. --Silicone panels; --USB, RS485 and CAN Port. J1939 protocol set inside.
--If you need AMF function, please kindly
--Real time clock inside
--Three class protection countdown function
--Black box function
--Battery charging control function
--8 relay’s output, 7 switches input and 5 sensor simulation input connectors
--Adapt to 3P4W, 1P2W, 2P3W (120V/240V,50/60HZ)
--Collects and shows 3-phase voltage, current, power parameter and frequency of Bus bar.
--Synchronization parameters
--Ramp on and ramp off function
Overall dimension
Panel cutout
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