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Mebay Diesel Manual Key Start Generator Controller Genset Control Module DC10G Replace DSE501K

Mebay Diesel Manual Key Start Generator Controller Genset Control Module DC10G Replace DSE501K

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The DC10G is a controller for manual start and stop of the engine. The 4-bit LED digital tube displays the generator set frequency, voltage, battery voltage, and accumulated working time. It has various parking protection and alarm indication functions, which can conveniently monitor the working status of the generator set.

The controller can be connected to the computer through the data line, and the controller parameters can be set by software to easily match the generator set of more specifications.

Main Feature:

Controlled by 32-bit imported high-performance single-chip microcomputer;

4-digit digital tube display, which can be switched automatically or manually;
Adopt car starting key, durable;
With parameter setting function, the parameters can be set through the computer connection; 
Standard waterproof ring, the rear panel is equipped with splash-proof function;
All wiring is completed through European-style terminal blocks. It is very easy and convenient to assemble, connect, repair and replace the equipment.

Parameter display

Generator voltage V;

Generator frequency Hz;

Engine battery voltage V;

The cumulative running time of the unit H;

Alarm protection



Low oil pressure

High water temperature

External instant parking alarm

Power generation overvoltage

Charging failure warning


Power input: 8-33VDC
Power consumption: MAX 2W
Power input: 15-300VAC, 50/60Hz
Speed input: Freq 300Hz ~ 10kHz
Oil valve output: MAX 16A
Motor output: MAX 10A
Excitation output: MAX 80mA
Alarm output: MAX 16A
Working temperature: -30-75 ° C
Storage temperature: -40-85 ° C
Dimensions: 78 × 78 × 72mm
Opening size: 67×67mm
Weight: 280g

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