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GAVR 8A Universal Brushless AVR for Generator Gavr-8a GAVR 8A

GAVR 8A Universal Brushless AVR for Generator Gavr-8a GAVR 8A

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* Voltage Regulation < ±1%
* 110/220/440VAC Programmable Input
* Rugged Compact Desigh
* Soft Start Voltage Ramping
* With Under Frequency Roll Off Protection
* EMI Suppression
* Built-in High Capacity 8Amp Fuse


Sensing input Voltage:110/220/400VAC , 1 phase 2 wire
Power Input voltage:100-260VAC , 1 phase 2 wire
Output voltage:max 90 VDC at 240VAC input
Current:Continuous 3 A , intermittent 5A for 10secs
Resistance:Min.15 ohm , Max 100ohm
Voltage Build-up:residual voltage at avr terminal >5VAC
Voltage Regulation:<±1% with 4% engine governing
Operating Temperature:(-40°C to +60°C
Storage Temperatue (-65°C to +85°C)
External Volts Adjutment:±7% with 1k ohm 1 watt trimmer
EMI Suppression:Internal electromagnetic interference filtering
Unit Power Dissipation:Max.8 watt
Under Frequency Protection:
60Hz system presets knee point at 55Hz
50Hz system presets knee point at 45Hz

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