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Gasoline Generator Controller HGM501 Small Diesel Genset Control Panel

Gasoline Generator Controller HGM501 Small Diesel Genset Control Panel

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HGM501 gen-set controller is smart digital controller for control and protection of single gen-set. It can carry out start/stop, data measurement, alarm indication, shutdown protection and other functions. The controller is fitted with LED indicators; it is reliable and easy to use.
HGM501 gen-set controller contains the microprocessor allows precise measurement of multiple parameters, which can be configured using controller front panel. With simple wiring,
compact structure and high reliability, HGM501 can be widely used for data display and fault protection of a large number of diesel and petrol generator sets.

Performance and Characteristics

1) Nixie tube displays: single phase voltage display and total active power voltage display
(calculated using single phase power, taking load as balanced);
2) Multifunction nixie tube display that can be switched between single phase frequency,
single phase current, battery voltage, total running time (max 999 hours), engine and
generator temperature;
3) Under voltage, over voltage, under frequency, over frequency, over load, over temperature
protection, starting with flashing lights alarm and followed by shutdown protection after
alarm delay;
4) Low oil pressure digital input that immediately shuts down the generator in case of low oil
5) Displayed parameters can be selected using touch-buttons;
6) Wide selection of temperature sensor types in settings;
7) All the parameters can be set via front panel for easy and convenient operation;
8) Modular design, anti-flaming ABS plastic enclosure, compact structure, convenient
embedded installation.
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