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ESD5111 Engine Speed Control Governor Unit Controller for Diesel Generator

ESD5111 Engine Speed Control Governor Unit Controller for Diesel Generator

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Generator Control Unit ESD5111 is a closed-loop control of the entire electronic design, it's instantaneous load changes quickly and with precision control in response to engine speed when connected to the match and the implementation of e-speed magnetic sensor signals can be Control of a wide range of engines.

It is designed to be highly reliable, the engine can withstand the surrounding area within the range of electromagnetic interference.
In the design, installation and a simple pre-adjustment, including the transfer rate and adjustable idle for assistance or for multiple special-purpose machine input, as well as to prevent reverse battery voltage, the transient voltage pulse, the actuator short-circuit fault And the loss of power or speed sensor signal of the security protection

PERFORMANCE of ESD5111 Generator Speed Control Unit

Isochronous Operation/Steady State Stability

± 0.25% or better

Speed Range/Governor

1K-7.5K Hz continuous

Speed Drift with Temperature

± 1% Maximun

Idle Adjust CW

Min. 1200Hz. below set speed

Idle Adjust CCW

Min. 4100Hz. below set speed

Droop Range

1-5% regulation

Droop Adj. Max. (K-L Jumpered)

875Hz., ± 75Hz. per 1.0 A change

Droop Adj. Min. (K-L Jumpered)

15Hz., ± 6Hz. per 1.0 A change

Speed Trim Range

± 200Hz.

Remote Variable Speed Range

500 -7.5Hz. or all part thereof

Terminal Sensitivity

J: 100Hz., ± 15Hz/Volt @ 5.0 K Impedance

L: 735Hz., ± 60Hz/Volt @ 65 K Impedance

N: 148Hz., ± 10Hz/Volt @ 1Meg. Impedance

P: 10V DC Provide @ 20ma Max.

Speed Switch Adjustment Range



Ambient Operating Temperature Range

-40°c to +85°c

Relative Humidity

up to 95%

Storage Temperature

-55°c ~ 90°c


20-100HZ 500mm/Sec.



12 or 24V DC Battery Systems(Transient and Reverse Voltage Protected)


Negative Ground(Case Isolated)

Power Consumption

50mA continuous plus actuator current

Maximum Actuator Current at 25

10Amps continuous

Speed Sensor Signal

0.5-120 Volts RMS




Note: The performance parameters in the frequency when measuring 4000Hzv

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