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Diesel Generator Electric Control Panel KP310 Generators Controller Module Diesel Generator Set

Diesel Generator Electric Control Panel KP310 Generators Controller Module Diesel Generator Set

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Diesel Generator KDE20SS3 Controller KDE60SS3 KDE6700TA MODEL KP308 KP310 Control Panel

KP310 Kipor Generator Controller LED Digit Display Panel Genset Control Module KP310V1.0


The KP310V1.0 controller has the function of manual/remote start and stop genset, data measurement, alarm and protection. The KP310V1.0 can display detailed genset running and alarming data through LED digit display in five numbers. RS232 interface with the host computer, can start, stop genset and display real-time running data through the host computer. The host computer software has the Chinese and English interface, featured by simple & reliable operation. RS485 interface is also available for remote monitor and control genset .


1、Microprocessor controller, higher hardware integration, higher reliable;
2、 Display through LED display in five digital numbers; convenient to test genset by touch buttons;
3、 Manual/remote start and stop genset;
4、 RS232 interface with PC to run and monitor genset; RS485 interface to remote monitor genset;
5、Applied to 3-phase 4-line, 3-phase 3-line, 1-phase 2-line, double-voltage power sources;
6、Monitor and display three-phase voltage, three-phase current, frequency, revolutions and battery voltage;
7、Fault alarms, including over-voltage, under-voltage, over-frequency, under-frequency and charging fault;
8、Protection against high water temperature and low oil voltage;
9、All output interface are relay output;
10、Parameters Set” menu: parameters can be set by users through controllers or PC. All parameter are stored in internal flash memory so they won’t lose even the power turns off;
11、Working voltage: 8-16VDC, adaptable to different batteries;
12、Maintenance remind function (fuel filter, air filter, oil filter) ;
13、Digital control, more reliable;
14、Fault alarms are recorded until manual delete;
15、Copy system configuration and restore system configuration, assure system can be restored due to wrong action;
16、Modular structure, flame-retardant ABS shell, pluggable terminals, embedded installation, compact structure and easy installation

Installations size: 118*92*42m

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