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Mebay Genset Controller Control Module Control Panel DC30D With USB Port Replace HGM1790N

Mebay Genset Controller Control Module Control Panel DC30D With USB Port Replace HGM1790N

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This Controller Series is specialized for small diesel, gasoline, gas generator sets'start, stop,monitor and defaults checking as well as parameters setting.

The controller has a point array LCD screen, can display various faults in the same time that the genset will be stopped once it can not work smoothly.

There are Chinese/English interface options, more language can be set according to user's request. All the parameters can be configured through the front face buttons or use programmable interface by USB to adjust via PC. It can be widely applied for all kinds of auto control system of gensets.


Parameters Display

  • EngineRPM
  • Engine oil pressure
  • Engine temperature
  • Engine fuel level
  • Engine battery voltage
  • Generator voltage L-N
  • Generator current A
  • Generator Frequency Hz
  • Generator active power KW
  • Successful start Times
  • Current running time
  • Total running time
  • Classes maintenance notic


  • Over speed
  • Under speed
  • Low oil pressure
  • High temperature
  • Low fuel level
  • External emergency alarm
  • Sensor Open
  • Over Frequency
  • Under Frequency
  • Over voltage
  • Under voltage
  • Over current
  • Maintenance expire
  • Low water level alarm
  • Emergency Stop
  • Crank failure
  • Stop Failure
  • Over battery voltage
  • Under Battery voltage




Operation Voltage

DC8-36V Continuous

Power Consumption

Standby:24V:MAX 1W

Working:24V:MAX 2W

AC Voltage Input

1P2W(L-N input) 30VAC-360VAC(ph-N)

Rotate speed sensor Frequency


Generator Frequency input


MAX Accumulating Time

9999.9Hours(Min Store time:6min)

Fuel Relay Output

1Amp DC+VE Supply voltage

Start Relay Output

1Amp DC+VE Supply voltage

Programmable Relay output 1

1Amp DC+VE Supply voltage

Programmable Relay output 2

1AMP Non-contact-Normal open--Normal close output

Programmable Relay output 3

1AMP Non-contact Normal Open output

Switch value input

Available if connecting with Battery -

Insulation strength

Apply AC1.5kV voltage between high voltage terminal and low voltage terminal; The leakage current is not more than 3mA within 1min.

Working condition


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