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Mebay Brushless Generator Auto Intelligent Control Module Controller DC20D MKII

Mebay Brushless Generator Auto Intelligent Control Module Controller DC20D MKII

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DC20D MKII is one module used for Diesel/gasoline Generator, It's an upgraded product of DC20D.It is with the functions of Auto Star/Stop, Protection and Alarm indication. DC Power and Running situation is indicated on the front panel.

Main Features:

  • Micro-computer Control
  • Man/Auto Start/Stop
  • 5 Units LED tube Display
  • LED and Fault Alarm Code Indication
  • Two Group of programmed Relay output
  • Application for various kinds of Engine by self-setting
  • With RS485 communication port


  • Manual Start/Stop
  • Auto Start/Stop
  • Preheat Control
  • Auto idle control
  • Choke control
  • S.T control

Parameters Display

  • Engine RPM
  • Generator Frequency Hz
  • Generator Phase voltage L-N
  • Generator current A
  • Engine battery voltage
  • Running time
  • Accumulation time
  • Engine water temperature
  • Engine oil pressure


  • Emergency Stop
  • Over frequency stop
  • Under frequency stop
  • Over voltage stop
  • Under voltage stop
  • Over current stop
  • Low Oil Pressure Stop
  • High water temperature stop
  • Oil pressure sensor Open
  • Water temperature sensor Open
  • Start Failure
  • Stop Failure
  • Low Water level stop
  • Low Water level stop
  • High Oil temperature stop
  • RPM signal lost alarm
  • Over speed stop
  • Under speed stop
  • Low Fuel Level warning
  • Low Battery voltage warning


  • DC Supply: DC 8~36 V.
  • Power Consumption: MAX3W.
  • Measuring Frequency:10~70 Hz.
  • AC input: AC 50~380 V.
  • Current measurement range:0-2000A.
  • Speed sensor Frequency:30-9999Hz
  • Relay output:
    • Fuel Output: MAX 5A.
    • Start Output: MAX 5A.
    • Configurable output1:MAX 2.5A.
    • Configurable output2:MAX 2.5A.
    • Excitation output: MAX 1A.
  • Size:78mm * 78mm * 55mm.
  • Panel cut-out:67mm * 67mm.
  • Protection Level:IP54when waterproof rubber gasket is added between controller and its panel.
  • Operation Temperature :-30℃~70℃.
  • Storage Condition:-40℃~85℃.
  • Weight:250g.
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