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LIXiSE Generator Parts Engine Controller LXC6120N

LIXiSE Generator Parts Engine Controller LXC6120N

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Product Performance

1)The average load rate, by calculating the load rate, detect genset load operation, avoid overload operation.

2)Custom boot interface, user can add your own contact information, company name, logo, slogan, etc.

3)Installment payment service, through the password form to manage gensets.

4)Maintenance remind, Accumulative total run time automatically, Timely remind maintenance.

5)Big screen (240 * 128) LCD display, on a page can browse all the data, avoid frequent page breaks.

6)Multi-language selection, Support Chinese, English, Russian and Spanish.

7)USB connection, plug and play, convenient for debugging and application.

8)200 fault records, detailed record 25 parameters of failure moment, easy to analyze the failure reasons.

9)Real-time clock automatically timed training run, programmable 2 sets of training time.

10)Collect and display mains overvoltage, under voltage, over frequency, low frequency, loss phase and anti-phase warning function.

11)Level 2 different identities password, Plus a one-time temporary password, Safe and reliable.

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