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LIXiSE 12V 24V Diesel Generator Battery Charger LBC2403-1206B Charger

LIXiSE 12V 24V Diesel Generator Battery Charger LBC2403-1206B Charger

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LBC series Battery Charger is a charger which using latest switch power programs, and
specifically for the charging characteristics of lead-acid batteries designed for engine start, suitable for lead-acid batteries of long-term supplemental charge (float), you can select the appropriate one according to the selection table.


 12V / 24V voltage selection, the use of imported high quality DIP makes it more reliable and stable, easily toggle switch to select.
 Take Switch Power Structure, wide range of AC input voltage, small volume, light weight, high efficience.
 Using Multistage Charging Method (constant voltage, constant current, trickle float, full stop) automatic charging, fully charged according to the battery charging characteristics to prevent lead-acid battery overcharge, can maximize battery life.
 With the flow, short circuit, reverse polarity protection.
 With Charging Failure Alarm Output Function (Passive Relay Contact), more convenient and safe.
 Charging voltage and current values can be adjusted at the scene by the potentiometer.
 BOOST boost function, short BOOST port can boost 1.0 V of output voltage, with compensation for rechargeable dissatisfaction in the winter, and better for the old battery.
 Suitable for 24V battery pack, rated charging current is 3A.
 Suitable for 12V battery pack, rated charging current is 6A.
 Charging status LED indication: Power Indication (green), Charging Indication (red), filled with lights off.

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