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AMF25 AMF20 Diesel Genset Controller AMF-25 AMF-20 Generator Auto Start Stop Control Module Replace Original

AMF25 AMF20 Diesel Genset Controller AMF-25 AMF-20 Generator Auto Start Stop Control Module Replace Original

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Product Description

AMF20 and AMF25 are new integrated controllers for gen-sets operating in single standby mode. They meet all possible requirements for AMF applications, including modem control,user configuration and full gen-set monitoring and protection.
The controllers are equipped with a powerful graphic display. Icons,symbols and bar graphs for intuitive operation together with high functionality set new standards in gen-set control. Special low temperature (AMF 20 or AMF 25) version is also available, allowing the display to work up to -30C.


The module contains a powerful microprocessor, which can realize a series of complex functions.

●Users can switch between Chinese or English display interface on the LCD screen;

●The controller can monitor, warn and shut down the operating status and fault conditions of the unit;

●The user can set various parameters of the controller on the panel according to the needs of the unit (for example: current transformer, flywheel teeth, idling time, etc.);

●Users can connect to PC through RS232 or USB dedicated communication interface for various control working mode configuration, parameter setting and monitoring;

●6 auxiliary inputs (user-programmable definition) and 6 auxiliary outputs that can be completely set, which can be used for other functions such as start, alarm or shutdown;

●Users can use expansion modules to provide a variety of expanded input and output functions according to their needs;

●Automatically start and stop the generator set (the controller is in "automatic" mode), when the mains voltage is cut off (mains power cut-off relay is installed, and an auxiliary input is selected for mains status monitoring), the unit will perform It starts automatically and then supplies power to the load. If the mains returns, the unit will stop and the mains supply power to the load.

AMF25 self starting controller integrates measurement, control protection (suchas: low oil pressure, high water temperature, low fuel level, under speed, over speed, under frequency, over frequency, under voltage, over voltage, over current,overload, etc.), display (such as: oil pressure, water temperature, oil level,generating voltage, current, speed, generating frequency, power, power factor,power, operation time, starting times Data, auxiliary input and output functions,etc, can be seen directly from the LCD screen on the front panel) and otherfunctions as a whole. The ultra wide (8v-35v) DC working voltage can meet theautomatic control requirements of generator users for different types of generatorsets.

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