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DSE5220 Generator Controller, DSE5220 Automatic Engine Control Module

DSE5220 Generator Controller, DSE5220 Automatic Engine Control Module

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The DSE5220 is an Automatic Mains Failure Control Module designed to automatically start and stop diesel
and gas generating sets that include non electronic engines.  The module also provides excellent engine monitoring and protection features.

The module has the ability to monitor under speed, over speed, charge failure, emergency stop,
low oil pressure, high engine temperature, fail to start, fail to stop, under/over generator volts,
over current, under/over generator frequency, low/high DC battery volts, low fuel alarm and loss of
the speed sensing signal. The module displays fault conditions on the LCD display and via the LED
indicators on the front.

The DSE5220 also has the ability to monitor a mains (utility) supply.  Upon detection of a mains (utility)
failure the module automatically starts the generating set. Once the mains (utility) power has been
restored it instructs the generating set to stop.


BS EN 61000-6-2
EMC Generic Immunity Standard for
the Industrial Environment
BS EN 61000-6-4
EMC Generic Emission Standard for the Industrial Environment


BS EN 60950
Safety of Information Technology Equipment, including Electrical Business Equipment


BS EN 60068-2-1
Ab/Ae Cold Test -30 °C
BS EN 60068-2-2
Bb/Be Dry Heat +70 °C


BS EN 60068-2-6
Ten sweeps in each of three major axes
5 Hz to 8 Hz @ +/-7.5 mm,
8 Hz to 500 Hz @ 2 gn


BS EN 60068-2-30
Db Damp Heat Cyclic 20/55 °C
@ 95% RH 48 Hours
BS EN 60068-2-78
Cab Damp Heat Static 40 °C
@ 93% RH 48 Hours


BS EN 60068-2-7
Three shocks in each of three major axes
15 gn in 11 mS


BS EN 60529
IP65 - Front of module when installed into the control panel with the supplied sealing gasket

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