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Auto Controller DSE5120 replacement for Original DSE 5120 Genset

Auto Controller DSE5120 replacement for Original DSE 5120 Genset

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DSE 5120 Generator Controller is an Automatic Start Control Module designed to automatically start and stop diesel and gas generating sets that include non electronic engines. The module also provides excellent engine monitoring and protection features.

DSE5120 Generator Controller has the ability to monitor under speed, over speed, charge failure, emergency stop, low oil pressure, high engine temperature, fail to start, fail to stop and loss of the speed sensing signal. The module displays fault conditions on the LCD display and via the LED indicators on the front.

Packing Size: 290mm*180mm*65mm

Shipping Weight: 1KG

Application: >10 KW gas & diesel generator started with battery

FEATURES of DSE 5120 Automatic Generator Controller

• Automatic start

• Automatic load transfer

• Configurable inputs

• Configurable outputs

• Configurable alarms & timers

• Digital inputs

• Analogue inputs

• Back-lit character LCD display

• Engine protection

• Front panel mounting

• Icon based fault diagnostics

• PC configurable

• Front panel programming

• Remote monitoring

• LCD alarm indication

• LED alarm indication

BENEFITS Generator Automatic Controller DSE5120

• In-built engine diagnostics removes the requirement for service equipment

• License free PC software

• Modules help to improve the life cycle of engine starter motors

• On-site module configuration

• User-friendly set-up and button Layout


The DSE5120 is operated using the front STOP, AUTO and MANUAL push buttons. An additional

push button on both modules allows the user to scroll through the LCD instrumentation display.

CONFIGURATION of DSE 5120 Generator Controller

The module DSE5120 can be configured using the front panel buttons or the DSE810 interface and PC software.


Analogue inputs are provided for oil pressure and engine temperature. These connect to conventional engine mounted resistive sender units to provide accurate monitoring and protection facilities. The modules can also be configured to interface with digital switch type inputs for low oil pressure and high engine temperature shutdowns.

Relay outputs are provided for fuel solenoid output, start output and three additional configurable outputs. A range of different functions, conditions or alarms can be selected for the three configurable relay outputs. These outputs are fed from the permanent plant provide.


The DSE 5120 Generator Controller provide advanced metering facilities, displaying the information on the LCD display. The information can be accessed using the display scroll push buttons located next to the LCD display.

Generator Volts L1-N, L2-N, L3-N

Generator Volts L1-L2, L2-L3, L3-L1

Generator Amps L1,L2, L3

Engine Speed RPM

Generator Frequency Hz

Engine Oil Pressure (PSI & Bar)

Engine Temperature (℃ & ℉)

Plant Battery Volts

Engine Run Hours

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