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650-044 12V fg wilson pcb circuit board panel

650-044 12V fg wilson pcb circuit board panel

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Printed Circuit Board 650-044 


The 650-044 Printed Circuit Board for gensets OLYMPLAN-MASSEY FERGUSON 24V.

Ensure the MPU (Magnetic Pickup) is installed correctly.
Unscrew and pull out the magnetic pickup that is located near the flywheel of the engine
 Inspect the magnetic tip and ensure that it is clean and free of debris.
Screw the MPU in until the tip makes contact with the top of the flywheel teeth.
 Back out the magnetic pickup ½ to ¾ of a turn.
EIM (Engine Interface Module)
Turn the ten-turn potentiometer between five to seven turns clockwise or just until you feel a small click - signifying the full span of the pot.
Start the generator set. You will notice the overspeed calibration LED illuminated.
Slowly turn the potentiometer counter-clockwise until the LED just turns off.
As soon as the LED turns off, start to slowly turn back the potentiometer clockwise just until the led starts to flicker.
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