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AVR R250 Automatic Voltage Regulator for Generator Alternator

AVR R250 Automatic Voltage Regulator for Generator Alternator

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The R250 is an analogic Automatic Voltage Regulator with transistor.

Applications Alternators LSA 42.2, 43.2, 44.2, 46.2, 47.2. Compatible with the SHUNT excitation system. The R250 is in Compliance with: IEC, VDE, NEMA, BS, CSA, UL508 CE low voltage.

Main characteristics

Voltage regulation +/- 0.5% at steady state and constant speed.

Phase to neutral voltage sensing.

The regulation quality is independant of load applied.

Optimum management of impact loads using micro-processor technology.

Suitable for high levels of vibration and harsh environments.

Supply range/voltage detection 85 to 139 V(50/60Hz).

Rapid response time(500 ms) for a transient voltage variation amplitude of ± 20%.

Voltage setting P1.

Stability setting P2.

Supply protected with an 8 A fuse, slow action (supports10 A for 10 s).

U/F Fonction and LAM

Operating at 50 Hz: (U/F gradient)

Operating at 60 Hz: (U/F gradient)

Specific operating

R250 A.V.R. Option

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