New Product | New Genset Controller HGM1791 Launches

New Product | New Genset Controller HGM1791 Launches

New Product | New Genset Controller HGM1791 Launches

HGM1791 genset controller is suitable for single unit automation and monitoring (can also be used for water pump units). It can realize genset manual start/stop, and can automatically start/stop the genset by remote start signal. The controller can monitor and protect the unit by collecting and analyzing data such as generation voltage, current, water temperature and oil pressure, and display fault status at the same time, which is convenient for rapid maintenance. It is divided into two models: HGM1791 and HGM1791CAN.


New Product | New Genset Controller HGM1791 Launches

The controller adopts liquid crystal (LCD) graphic display, which can display Chinese and English languages. Touch button operation makes it clear and intuitive. It also can achieve parameter threshold and delay adjustment and other functions through the front panel or USB interface (communication with PC host computer software).


Performance and CharacteristicsNew Product | New Genset Controller HGM1791 Launches

——Silicon panel and buttons, and adapt to high and low temperature environment;

——Wide supply range DC (8~35)V, suitable for different starting battery voltage environment;

——Collect and display single-phase voltage, current, frequency, power and load percentage parameters;

——Accurately collect various parameters of the engine;

——Fault protection and display function;

——Three working modes: manual, auto and stop;

——A variety of temperature, pressure and oil level sensors can be used directly, and the parameters can be customized; Temperature and pressure sensors can be used in parallel with temperature and pressure alarms respectively, and the first-level protection can be added at the same time of providing analog; 

——A variety of crank disconnect conditions (speed, oil pressure, generation frequency) can be selected;

——3 programmable input ports, which can be set as digital input or sensor input;

——2 relay fixed output ports (fuel output, starting output);

——3 programmable relay outputs with common alarm output, preheat output or idle control output functions;

——Parameter setting function: Allow the user to change its parameters, it will not be lost when the system is powered down, controller parameters can be adjusted from the front panel of the controller, and all parameters can be adjusted by using PC through USB interface (Type-C);

——All parameters are digitally adjusted, which improves whole reliability and stability;

——Modular structure design, flame retardant ABS shell, pluggable terminal, embedded installation mode, compact structure and convenient installation.


Technical Parameters

New Product | New Genset Controller HGM1791 Launches


HGM1791 typical application diagram

New Product | New Genset Controller HGM1791 Launches


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