MEBAY Generator Controller CAN DC70D-3.0 enhanced layout

MEBAY Generator Controller CAN DC70D-3.0 enhanced layout

Mebay Generator Automatic Start Control Module DC70D with Motbus is specialized for Diesel / Gasoline / Gas Genset Start, Stop,Parameters monitoring, faults-checking as well as data setting.

In order to meet the needs of users for more application functions of the controller, Chongqing MEBAY Technology launched the enhanced version 3.0 of Star product DC70D generator set controller upgrade of the company.

Here are six long-awaited upgrades. Full of details, let's have a preview!

Upgrade the system log record to5000 strip, alarm record to100 groups, and add four functionalapplications.

1.Increase the alarm records to 100 groups

It contains the detailed operation data record of the unit at the alarm time, which is convenient for users to find the alarm reason!



2. add system log function

5000 controller system logs can be saved circularly

Including: controller power on, manual gear, automatic gear, shutdown gear, test gear, start key, mains power on, power generation on, parameter modification - key, parameter modification - computer, module manual start, module automatic start - mains power failure, module automatic start - remote switch, unit external start, unit shutdown, unit warning, unit warning disappears, mains power on / off key, power generation on / off key, mains power off, Power generation opening, emergency start, etc.

So that users can fully grasp the relevant use of the unit and understand the real fault causes of the unit!

3. Four fault codes represent meaning display function



Users can quickly judge according to the output fault code and the meaning of the representative, check according to the indication of the fault code, and eliminate relevant problems in time.


4. default UI setting function

You can set the default UI to white or black when starting up. You can press "OK" to switch during use!


emergency start function

When in manual gear, press the "manual gear" button and the "start" button at the same time to forcibly start the unit.



It is convenient for users to use the unit in case of emergency, with better function, higher efficiency and better sense of use!


Since the launch of DC70D controller, many customers have made excellent comments on its quality, appearance,function and application.


Function heavy overweight, no price increase;

New good performance, pay tribute to new domestic products.

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