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Generator AVR DVR2000E Alternator Automatic Voltage Regulator Stabilizer Genset Accessories

Generator AVR DVR2000E Alternator Automatic Voltage Regulator Stabilizer Genset Accessories

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Product Introduction

The DVR2000E is an electronic, solid-state, microprocessor-based control device. The DVR2000E regulates the output voltage of a brushless, ac generator by controlling the current into the generator exciter. Input power to the DVR2000E is from a multi-pole, high-frequency, permanent magnet generator (PMG).
The DVR2000E is supplied in an encapsulated package designed for behind-the-panel mounting. The DVR2000E is held in place by thread-forming screws that thread into its plastic shell. Front panel indicators (LEDs) annunciate regulator status and system conditions. DVR2000E connections are made through quarter-inch, quick-connect terminals on the rear panel. A 9-pin DB-9 type connector on the rear panel provides communication between the DVR2000E and an IBM compatible PC.


DVR2000E units have the following features and capabilities.

• Four control modes:

automatic voltage regulation (AVR), manual or current regulation (FCR), power factor (PF) regulation, and reactive power (VAR) regulation.

• Programmable stability settings.

• Soft start control with an adjustable time setting in AVR control mode.

• Overexcitation (OEL) limiting in AVR, VAR, and PF control modes.

• Underfrequency (volts/hertz) regulation.

• Crowbar circuitry protects the area.

• Overtemperature protection.

• Three-phase or single-phase generator voltage (RMS) sensing/regulation in AVR mode.

• Single-phase generator current sensing for metering and regulation purposes.

• current and voltage sensing.

• Four contact sensing inputs for system interface.

• One common output relay for alarm indication and trip functions.

• Six protection functions (overexcitation shutdown, generator overvoltage shutdown, DVR overtemperature shutdown, loss of generator sensing shutdown, overexcitation limiting and crowbar shutdown).

• Generator paralleling with reactive droop compensation and reactive differential compensation.

• Front-panel human-machine interface (HMI) indicates system and DVR2000E status and gives the ability to make setting changes at the front panel.

Technical Parameters

Sensing/Power input
Voltage180-240V AC 50/60HZ
Output current Max 90VD@207AC
Continunous 4A DC,Intermitten 10A for 10secs
Volts Adjustment ±8% within 1K Ohm
UFRO Slop 17% down to 30Hz
Volts regulation ≤±0.25%

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