New Product | Domestic Genset Controller HGM4100Z Launched

New Product | Domestic Genset Controller HGM4100Z Launched


HGM4100Z genset controller adopt domestic components, which can be used for harsh environment like (-40~+70)°C temperature, high humidity, high altitude, strong electromagnetic interference. 

1.Main functions and characteristics

● Purely domestic components with Chinese mark

● Wide working temperature range: (-40~+70)°C

● With USB、RS485、CANBUS port, suitable for various ECU engine and can realize remote monitoring via RS485 (isolated type)

● 6-way relay output (crank, fuel and 4-way custom output)

● 5-way digital input (3+2 multiplex input port)

● 4-way analog input (3+2 multiplex input port)

● 3-way generation current sampling input (built-in CT)

● With charger D+ voltage, engine speed (MPU) sampling input

● Front panel protection class can reach IP65

● With event log, maintenance, battle mode, instrument mode

● Remote monitoring module (HGM4100Z-RM) and local control module (HGM4100Z) can communicate via RS485 and realize local/remote monitoring function

2.Typical Application


3.Overall Dimension and Cutout


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