MEBAY DC30D restores the glory of domestic products

MEBAY DC30D restores the glory of domestic products

Controller DC30D-----"satisfaction + surprise" Product

The inner core adopts 32-bit original high-performance single chip microcomputer and isolated current transformer

The waterproof ring is standard, and the protection performance of the installed panel can reach IP54 level;

In addition to the brilliant overall design, it also has strong strength guarantee. Through the key life test of up toย 300000 +, the service cycle of the controller key is guaranteed.

Support users to customize the startup logo, which is used to display relevant information, contact information, etc., to meet users' personalized needs;

128 * 64 dot matrix LCD not only has clear and delicate parameters, but also has powerful multi-level menu classification design function;

Small and beautiful, the display is also clear under strong light.

Good interaction, easy and comfortable user experience.

Compared with the conservative and calm appearance, the appearance of DC30Dย can catch the eye at once. The color matching between the panel and the function keys is atmospheric, beautiful and stylish.

PC material panel is effectively waterproof and oil proof, with good operation feel and long service life, and the color contrast design is just right. It is the ingenious combination of modern technology and industrial design.

All wiring is completed through European terminals, and the assembly, wiring, maintenance and replacement of the equipment are very easy and convenient.

Pass the temperature test of - 30 ยฐ to 70 ยฐ working environment to ensure that the controller can be used in harsh environment!

5 sets of relay outputs and 4 configurable inputs, each with more than 10 functions;

More than 20 kinds of alarm protection functions, such as over speed, under speed, low oil pressure, high temperature, low fuel level, battery over-voltage, battery low voltage, over frequency, under frequency, power generation over, power generation under voltage, load over-current, sensor open circuit, etc;

Generous materials, rich functions, complete configuration and no bad design aesthetics, but the price is very close to the people.

Yan value, strength and price are awesome! And the product is stable, durable and cost-effective. I have to say that it is really fragrant to use.

If you interested in this controller and you can place an order through the link below. Thank you and see you next time!


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