48 250kW Gas Gensets Paralleling—HGM9510N Application

HGM9510N genset parallel controller is used for manual/auto parallel system of gensets with same or different capacity, and single genset constant power output and mains grid-connection, thus realizing genset auto start/stop, parallel running, data measurement, alarm protection and “three remote” functions. It adopts LCD graphic display and has Chinese, English and other languages, which is easy to operate and reliable to run. 

A factory of the customer is located at the field, with large power load but no mains and with associated natural gas. According to the economic reliability and other considerations, 48 250kW gas units are selected to generate power in parallel, and HGM9510N genset parallel controller is equipped to provide reliable power for the factory. 

48 paralleled units in this factory are divided into 2 groups with equipment. Each container holds 4 units, a group of 6 containers. This project adopts HGM9510N parallel controller, it can also be realized if the customer requires 2 sets of 48 gensets to run in parallel. 

HGM9510N parallel controller has GOV and AVR control function, can automatically synchronize and share load, parallel with genset equipped with HGM9510N series controllers. It can accurately monitor genset various working status. When genset is abnormal, it will automatically split from the busbar and stop the genset, meanwhile display the fault status on the LCD. The SAE J1939 port enables controller to communicate with various ECU (ENGINE CONTROL UNIT) with J1939 port.