New Product | New Diesel Pump Controller APC715N Launched

New Product | New Diesel Pump Controller APC715N Launched

APC715N diesel-driven pump controller is used to control diesel-driven engine pump unit and realize start, stop, speed adjustment, data measurement, alarm protection and “four remote” functions. The controller adopts large screen LCD graphic display, which can display Chinese, English and other languages. The working parameters of the engine and pump unit can be displayed on the screen intuitively, easy to operate and reliable.

APC715N controller has speed control function to stabilize the outlet/inlet pressure by adjusting the engine speed. The controller has relay speed control interface, GOV speed control interface and CANBUS (SAE J1939) interface, which can control various ECU or non-ECU engine pump units.

APC715N controller adopts 32-bit ARM microprocessor technology, which realizes the functions of precision measurement, fixed value adjustment, as well as timing and threshold setting of various parameters, most of which can be adjusted from the front panel of the controller, and all parameters can be adjusted by PC through USB interface, and can be adjusted and monitored by PC through RS485 interface. With compact structure, simple wiring, high reliability, it can be widely used in the control system of reclamation pump, fire pump, high pressure pump, hydraulic pump, mud pump, plunger pump and other pump units.


The diesel-driven pump set controller APC715N is the upgraded version of APC715, with more perfect and powerful functions. For more product details, please consult email:, thanks so much for your support. 

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