Common fault explanation----- the engine shuts down automatically

Common fault explanation----- the engine shuts down automatically

Fault cause:The fuel quality does not meet the requirements
1. Use incorrect brand of fuel;
2. The impurities in the fuel exceed the standard;
3. The water content in the fuel exceeds the standard;

Exclusion method:Replace the qualified fuel and clean the oil circuit.

Fault cause: fuel used up

Exclusion method: Check and add, and pay attention to eliminating the air in the oil circuit.

Fault cause: low pressure oil circuit fault

Exclusion method:

1 Ensure that there is enough diesel in the oil tank;

2 Remove the air in the low-pressure oil circuit;
3 Check the tightening of pipes and connectors and whether hoses and connectors are squeezed, damaged or have incorrect diameter;
4 Check whether the main filter and primary filter are blocked or damaged;
5 Check whether the ventilation device of the oil tank is blocked or polluted;
6 Check whether the oil inlet and return pipelines of oil pump and filter are connected reversely;
7 Check whether the oil transfer pump is faulty;
Fault cause: fuel injector fault
Exclusion method
1 Check whether the indentation on the sealing surface of the connection between the high-pressure connecting pipe and the fuel injector is regular;
2 Check the fuel return quantity of fuel injector;
3 Check whether there is any sign of fuel injection at the front end of fuel injector;
4 Check whether the thickness of fuel injector gasket is correct;
5 Clean or replace the fuel injector and replace the clean fuel;


Fault cause: high pressure oil pump fault
1. The internal oil passage of the high-pressure oil pump is blocked;
2. The plunger of high-pressure oil pump is worn;
3. The overflow valve in the high-pressure oil pump is blocked, contaminated or stuck;
Exclusion method-----Clean or replace the high-pressure oil pump and replace the clean fuel.


Fault cause: the lubricating oil path of the engine is blocked, causing burning of the bearing bush

Exclusion method-----In case of normal water temperature and sudden shutdown, the oil pan shall be disassembled for inspection and maintenance, and corresponding damaged parts shall be replaced.


Fault cause: engine overheating cylinder pulling is generally caused by water shortage or high water temperature
Exclusion method-------First let the engine cool itself (never add cold water or flush with water), then try to rotate the crankshaft. If there is no stagnation, add cooling water and start it. If it cannot rotate, the machine shall be disassembled for inspection, repair and replacement of damaged parts.


Fault cause: internal damage of engine

Exclusion method------Analyze the oil and check the oil filter to determine the possible damaged parts.

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